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Ankara Asfaltı üzeri Tuzla Yolu Kavşağı


Phone : +90 216 446 71 00
pbx : +90 216 446 68 78

Fax :+90 216 446 25 70

E-Mail : sonay@sonayshipping.com

Today, the demand for energy sources in the line stage. In parallel, running out of energy sources and energy prices rising rapidly reflected in every area. Conditions of competition is high today, a serious review of the logistics costs and at such times come to the fore the importance of sea transport. With increasing demand for maritime transport companies and logistics sector is a reliable partner able to cooperate on this issue is a problem looking for a solution partner. Our valued customers in this process serving industry for over a century of one of the leading names to maritime transport "Sonay shipping" as a solution produce.

İstasyon Mah. D-100 Karayolu Cad. No:50 Hacıoğulları Plaza 34940 Tuzla/İstanbul
TEL : 0 216 446 71 00
FAX : 0 216 446 25 70

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